About us

Our dream:
to promote eco-sustainable tourism in Abruzzo

Il team di dimore montane

Lisa, Manuela, Fabio and Simone. We have decided to combine our experiences in tourism, hospitality, and marketing to create this venture. With a love for Abruzzo, our land, our goal was to build a structure where we could host tourists from around the world and help them discover this wonderful place and its traditions. But not only that. In our own small way, we want to contribute to redeveloping the Abruzzo region, where our hearts and roots lie. We are committed to promoting responsible and environmentally sustainable tourism, respecting the environment and the local community.

We are convinced that great results can be achieved when we have the courage to follow our dreams and passion with hard work. We dreamt of a window on the forest, a tent looking out on the mountain, a place where you can feel far from everything but comfortable as if you were at home. We have worked hard to ensure that Dimore Montane will be a succession of smiles, surprise, and memorable moments for you.

Vista panoramica sulla Majella con montagne verdi e vette coperte da nuvole all'orizzonte

Eco-friendly management

At Dimore Montane, all our management decisions, even the most inconvenient, are made without losing sight of one objective: sustaining and protecting the environment, and minimizing the impact on our greatest asset, nature.


All the electricity we use every day to power the facility and camping ground comes from 100% renewable sources.


We use only recycled paper.

We have replaced individual toiletries with convenient dispensers for organic shampoo and shower gel to avoid unnecessary plastic waste.

We change sheets and towels on request to avoid unnecessary consumption of water and energy.

We encourage the consumption of tap water and the use of jugs and flasks to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles. In our restaurant we do not sell plastic bottles but only glass, preferring the returnable bottles.


We use biodegradable detergents to clean the camping ground and facility.

We select local products to eliminate or reduce transport costs (we also believe they are fresher and taste better!).

We use energy-saving appliances.

We have made some of the furniture ourselves using recycled materials and wood.


Recycling bins are located throughout the facility and at various points in the camping ground to recycle as much as possible.

Fiore viola con pistilli gialli della famiglia dello zafferano
Volpe selvatica sulla Majella

The Macchiametola camping ground: a story of recovery and revitalization

The choice of location, in line with our green management, is a story of land reclamation and redevelopment. Owned by the municipality of Roccamorice, this accommodation facility, known to locals as the Macchiametola camping ground, was formerly a symbol of waste and neglect. Designed in the early 1980s, construction finished in the early 1990s with public funding, but it never opened. Even a renovation with new funds in 2005 could not change the fate of this beautiful accommodation complex. After a brief period of questionable management, it has been abandoned since 2008, left to the mercy of vandalism.

When the municipal administration opened a public call for its long-term management, we didn’t hesitate to present a project to invest in and redevelop this camping ground with such huge potential. It was a difficult challenge, but once you get here, you will certainly tell us that we won!

Sala ristorante prima della della ristrutturazione del campeggio
Ristorante - prima / Restaurant - before
Lavori in corso nella sala del ristorante
Ristorante - durante la ristrutturazione Restaurant - during renovation
sala interna ristorante di sera
Ristorante - dopo / Restaurant - after
Terrazza dell'ecolodge con pavimento dissestato ed erbacce
Terrazza - prima / Terrace - before
Terrazzo dell'hotel con pavimento smantellato
Terrazza - durante la ristrutturazione Terrace - during renovation
place holder
Terrazza - dopo / Terrace - after
Scalinata esterna dell'hotel rovinata e annerita
Scale - prima / Stairway - before
Scale esterne dell'hotel durante la ristrutturazione
Scale - durante la ristrutturazione Stairway - during renovation
scale esterne ingresso dimore montane
Scale - dopo / Stairway - after