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Montagna Majella con boschi verdi e vette innevate

Dimore Montane is literally surrounded by beautiful places and you will be spoilt for choice in terms of activities during your stay. At our info point, staff members experienced in tourism and hiking will be happy to provide you with all the information and advice you need to organize your perfect holiday, whether you want to explore the surrounding area on your own or join one of our Abruzzo discovery tours.

Blockhaus, una delle cime della Majella

Mountain sports

If you are looking for a holiday dedicated to sports and nature, the Maiella National Park presents countless excursions, mountain bike trails, trails to walk with your dog, trekking, and horse riding. More than half of the Park lies at altitudes above 2000 metres, and it has 700 kilometres of hiking trails taking anywhere from a few hours to several days, for beginners and experts alike.
Rock-climbing enthusiasts will find La Parete dell’Orso, the largest cliff in central-southern Italy, just a few minutes from our hotel. The cliff is 3 km long and 25 to 45 meters high, with around 300 sport climbing routes at all levels.


A beautiful walk will lead you to the famous Santo Spirito Hermitage, a place of worship made famous by Celestine V, who was described by Dante in the Divine Comedy as the Pope of the Great Refusal. It was here that the Hollywood series The New Pope was filmed. Not far away, the Hermitage of San Bartolomeo has stood suggestively in a valley in the heart of the park since at least 1275.
Surrounded by greenery in the Roccamorice district you will find the Grangia di San Giorgio, the ruins of an ancient Benedictine monastery where the Blessed Roberto da Salle is said to have been housed. The Acquafredda Detention and Labour Camp is a sad testimony to the Second World War.

Dettaglio di una colonna scolpita di una basilica abruzzese
Ingresso dell'Eremo di Santo Spirito a Majella


Among wine tastings, cheese, and typical cold cuts, you will love the narrow streets of the historic villages of Roccamorice, Abbateggio, Roccacaramanico and Caramanico.

Nature and landscapes

Visit the Hermitage of Sant’Angelo and the Valle dell’Orfento, a marvellous gorge, enthralling with its luxuriant, pure vegetation, for sites of scenic interest. Walk the path between the dry stone huts in the Valle Giumentina and the agro-pastoral complex in the Anello Colle della Civita, where you can admire the famous tholos, ancient circular stone constructions. If you don’t want to stray too far, don’t worry: there are three original tholos on our premises for you to view up close!

Camoscio sulla Majella
Escursionista sul sentiero nella vetta Brockhaus della Majella


The hiking trail that pass in front of Dimore Montane is the famous Cammino di Celestino: at 90 km long, is one of the great treks in the Park. Follow in the footsteps of the hermit Pietro Da Morrone, the future Pope Celestine V, who chose the remotest places on the Maiella for his journey of faith.
Easy to reach from our hotel is a stretch of the Sentiero della Libertà: a historical trail leading to the shelters and caves in the Orfento Valley. Allied prisoners of war hid here after escaping from detention camps after Italy’s surrender in the final phase of the Second World War.
Not to be missed is the Sentiero delle capanne a secco: created to allow most of the main agro-pastoral dry stone huts on the northern side of the Maiella to be explored. This network of routes covers a total length of about 27 km, with total altitude differences of 200–500 metres and individual lengths of 4–7 km.

Trabocco della costa abruzzese al tramonto


The Adriatic coast, where you can enjoy a relaxing day on the beach with the sun and sea, is a little less than an hour’s drive away. The Costa dei Trabocchi, named after ancient fishing machines, is characterized by hidden coves, vegetation-rich cliffs, and a deep blue sea. Follow the biking path along the entire coastline for some breathtaking views. Who says you have to choose between the sea and the mountains?

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